Manufacturing Facilities

The Steel tubes are made by the latest Electric Resistance Welding (E.R.W.) process using High Frequency (4,50,000 cycles per second) Induction Welding Current from a highly sophisticated H.F. generator supplied by internationally reputed British manufacturer, which provides very accurate control of the welding current giving consistently high quality of weld stronger than the parent metal and with higher impact strength.

Steel strip of correct width first passes through a forming Mill of  robust design giving accurate tabular from to the strip which is then welded by passing through the induction coil of the above welder and the squeeze roll stand. After removing the excess bead, the welded tube is passed through a Sizing Mill where it is could rolled to the correct outside diameter and accurate round shape. The tube then passes through a cluster of rolls in the Turk's  Head for being straightened and is finally cut on flying saw to the required length. The tubes are than end-faced and hydraulically tested. When required as galvanised, the tubes are hot dip galvanised using latest technology and then threaded on automatic machines. Every tube carries the WESTERN mark of distinct and distinguished quality craftsmenship.


The Tests & Quality Control...

Stringent quality control and tests at every stage are carried out to ensure consistent quality as per Indian Standard and other specifications as required. Tubes are subjected to Hydraulic Test, Flattening Test, Bend Test, Cone or Drift Test and the Crushing Test to check that the seam does not give way or the tube does not any signs of cracking.