General Applications


Welded Wire Mesh offers a convenient means to quickly partition/ baricade large areas with rigid fencing. High security fencing with 3"x1/2" spacing is common for secure areas like Mints, Treasuries. The mesh is easily anchored to structural posts/angles. Common sizes are 50x50mm to 100x100mm with 3mm to 5.5mm wires.


Floor Gratings

Welded Wire Mesh is an easier alternative to plates for industrial structural flooring. It provides for lighter material and ventilation across floors.


Welded Wire Gabions
Gabions are heavy duty rectangular wire mesh baskets filled with rock or rubble to economically and effectively construct earth retaining walls and erosion control structures.

In constructing such walls, individual gabions are used as costruction blocks. These blocks are filled incrementally and tied together with heavy wire as construction progresses to form the complete structure. Sizes generally are in the range of 100x100 to 150x150 with wires of 2.5 to 4.0mm

Machine Guards

Welded Wire mesh is an elegant and cost and material saving alternative to sheet metal for enclosures to machines, Electrical equipments. Common sizes are 25x25, 50x25, 50x50, 75x25 and 75x50mm with wires of 3mm to 4.0mm.


Bins & Carrier
Trays, Carriers, Baskets and Bins can be
conveniently fabricated with Welded Wire Mesh.
Dish Washer Trays, Oven Baking Racks and
shoping cart baskets can be mass produced
with Welded Mesh. Common sizes are 25x25
to 75x25mm with 2.0mm to 3.5mm dia wire