Concrete Reinforcements

Concrete Reinforcement Application of  Welded Wire Fabric
Structural Slabs & Walls
WWF instead of Individual Bars makes the job of reinforcing slabs/walls for residential, office and Institutional Buildings most quick and elegant. With detailing advantages, it also results in savings of 15 to 35%
Roads / Pavements
Large area Floor labs on ground, pavements, airports, runways, aprons etc to achieve crack-free joints less surfaces.
Precast Members
Precast elements which are thin or are difficult to reinforce such as curved arch flat members, Hyperbolic Paraboloid Shells, folded plate roof girders, fins, thin pardis or chajja drops.

RCC Pipes
R.C.C. Hume Pipes, where the combination of factory production mechanism, ready to lay WWF sheets and controlled concretecan result in excellent results with efficiency and quality in all respects.


Fabric for Coating by Guniting / Replastering
As a bonding fabric during guniting (spraying of thick Cement-Sand slurry with compressed Air)or during re-plastering required for Repairs and rehabilitation of structures. Guniting is also extensively used for coating of pipelines, to significantly enhance their life against corrosion.