Concrete Reinforcements

Concrete Reinforcement Advantages of Welded Wire Fabric
Higher characteristic Design Strength WWF with Fe480 grade results in savings in steel area or steel weight required to the tune of 13.55% vis-a-vis HYSD bars of Fe415 grade and to the tune of 47.925 vis-a-vis Plain Mild Steel bars of Fe 250 grade.

Vastly Superior Bonding Behavior
As against the peripherial surface area which is responsible for bonding to concrete in the case of individual bars, the right mechanical interconnections by means of welds to cross wires are primarily responsible for stress transfer from concrete to steel and vice-versa in the case of WWF. Each of the rigid welds capable of resisting upto 210 N/mm2 ensure quick and complete stress transfer within 2 welded joints from the critical section.


Better and Economic Crack Resistance with Thinner Wires and Closer spacings
WWF usage affords the possibility of using thinner wires at closer spacings. This serves most effectively in countering the non-load phenomena or strain induced stresses due to Shrinkage and Temperature changes. The close spacing of thinner wires and the two way behaviour of WWF minimizes the crack widths and preserves structural integrity of the slab.


Savings of Labour, Time and Binding Wire
The most obvious and clinching advantage in the use of WWF is the immediate and positive savings in labour and time. It is complete freedom from all the mundane filter's jobs. There is no cutting of bars, no marking and spacing them out, and above all no laborious tying of binding wires


The only feasible and Essencial Reinforcement for ground slabs WWF usage provides the only practical and easy solution for reinforcing slabs on ground.A plain concrete slab under construction of sub-soil erosion or movements or due to temperature changes coupled with heavy traffic loading will develop cracks which collapse concrete of the surface. The tendency to use extra high strength concrete or extra thickness of concrete to minimize cracking does not solve any problems since the strains induced by the drying shrinkage or temperature contraction do not appreciably change with thickness. Cost of a WWF reinforced slab is also more or less similar to that of a slightly thicker unreinforced slab. Usage of WWF serves to control cracking and crack width in both directions. It ensures that even if a crack develops the cracked faces are held together and the aggregrate interlock is maintained.


Flexibility of handling and placing
The usage of thinner wire lends the fabric as extremely flexible in handling. Coupled with the availability in long lengths in roll form, WWF provides the ideal and convinient solution for all kinds of repair work by Re-plastering orr Guniting.
The same aspect makes WWF indispensable in thin elements such as precast partitions, shelves, fins, ferrocements or ferrocate products such as ferrocate water tanks etc. WWF is the only solution for the thin and tough spine of thin and efficient structural elements such as folded plate roofs, folded plate precast roof girders or hyperbolic paraboloid shells